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Giovanni Beltran is pleased to announce PrimitiveHut. The group exhibition, curated by Jonathan Gonzalez, explores material primacy through the work of 7 international designers. Primitive Hut​ looks to examine making through elemental beginnings. The pieces, both new and existing, have been chosen for their willingness to allow material to dictate both formal and functional outcomes while building upon and reacting against a history of teaching, learning and making in design. Each of the seven designers in the show has worked with a specific material:

Aluminum­ - DeonRubi
CarbonFiber - ­Jonathan Muecke
RedMetals­ - Gabrielle Baez
Rope - ­BrianBooth
Steel - ­Jonathan Nesci
Stone­ - Jessica Martin
Wood­ - Lex Pott

Presented together, the body of work is aware of its position within contemporary design, its larger market and more abstractly notions of luxury and potency. The control of each designer over their chosen material allows for a new reading of “objects”, one in which the most basic starting points end in a less than primitive merging of beauty and function. Design as a new necessity affords those that are making to challenge given signs and reassess value through a heightened control of aesthetics  outside trend. The work presented here establishes its own bar. To accompany the exhibition GiovanniBeltran has published its first design journal titled: PrimitiveHut. Primitive Hut examines design through a collection of new writings, drawings and essays on elemental beginnings.


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